Thursday, March 17, 2011

Week Two: Day Two

What a day! I have been very discouraged all day long. However, reading a friends success blog has really motivated me to be better and try harder. After all, I am putting it all out there for the whole world wide web to see. Can I really afford to accept failure anyhow? What about my health? What about my dream to walk into a store and buy clothes that I will actually look good in? It's time. I has been time for years.

Temptation is an ugly thing. Part of the reason I am fat is because I have always worked in an environment where food is abundant. Temptation has always been staring me in the face and it is time to stare right back and give it the finger!

By now you are probably thinking that I broke my rule again. Yes, I did. Nothing over the top, but I still cheated and I still feel bad about it. I know I shouldn't let it get me too down and think positive, but you all know that's easier said than done.

My friend who has inspired me is awesome! I am so proud of her and excited for her weight loss accomplishments. She is a hilarious girl and skinny or not, she will always be awesome. So thank you (you know who you are). I will make it a point to read your posts everyday to find my will power and inspiration.

Now to get to the menu.

Menu for 3/17/2011


Baked pork chop
Two bowls of cabbage (I love cabbage)
Mix vegetables
A few bites of new potatoes

Small portion of peach cobbler

Left over cabbage
New potatoes

I know you're thinking that's a lot of cabbage, but it's healthy! Also, I haven't had cabbage in a while, so I was trying to make up for the the time I had went without.

Didn't exercise tonight, but I do plan on getting a run in tomorrow morning. I will be spending my weekend off with family on the farm. There are plenty of places to run on the farm and lots of hills to give myself a challenge and burn a few extra calories.

My goal for tomorrow is to burn 500 calories. I can do it! Will post my exercise log for tomorrow when completed and how many calories I burned. Wish me luck!


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  1. You are doing great! It is great to have a real life friend to work through this with. Maybe together we can totally flip the bird to food. Or at least a boob smack! Have fun on the farm!


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